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Is your MLS doomed?

Real estate industry experts say consolidation is the future

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NEW YORK -- First things first. The multiple listing service (MLS) itself is not doomed. But yours might be. That's according to panelists at the Inman Connect New York conference Wednesday in a session titled "Are the MLSs Doomed?" 'Don't be too happy yet' Some attendees erupted into applause when moderator Brian Boero of brand, marketing and design agency 1000watt declared his confidence in the survival of the MLS right off the bat. Brian Boero But he quickly said, "Don't be too happy yet." "The MLS provides order to a market that is variable, volatile and consists of thousands of independent contractors that all do business somewhat differently but all agree to certain rules and certain norms," he said. "But while I don’t think the MLS is doomed, I do think there are persistent and, in some instances, quite serious problems." Some brokers and agents feel the MLS space is too fragmented and feudal, Boero said. There are 750 or so MLSs across the country, so...