VirtualAPT’s robot makes 360-degree property videos for real estate agents

Agents can plot out and appear in video tours captured by a rover
  • A rover can shoot 360-degree footage of a home while moving along a pre-plotted route.
  • Made by VirtualAPT, the videos can include on-camera presentations from real estate agents.
  • They're an alternative to 3-D homes tours from companies such as Matterport.

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A four-wheeled tripod outfitted with a computer, 360-degree camera and sensors can roam properties, producing highly choreographed, immersive videos that would be difficult -- if not impossible -- to replicate with a normal video camera. Meet the R2-D2 for virtual home tours, a "true mobile super computer," according to the robot's maker, VirtualAPT. Two models of VirtualAPT's 'immersive autonomous rover' Videos generated by the "immersive autonomous rover" can show agents pointing out highlights as viewers glide about a property. They might be worth the cost for marketing luxury properties, large commercial spaces or buildings with uniform units. From the viewer's point of view Viewers can click-and-drag to explore the 360-degree footage inside VirtualAPT's video player (give this a try in the YouTube version embedded below). Prospective homebuyers might watch an agent wax poetic in the living room for a few moments, then spin around for a look at th...