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JotForm V4: Collaborative, mobile and better than your current forms tool

Electronic forms builder should give reason for popular solutions to rethink their product
Build forms anytime, anywhere.
  • Digital form builders are important business tools for real estate agents. Associations often include free forms tools, but they can lack flexibility outside of transaction needs.
  • Software can be used to design surveys, listing information sheets, contact forms and customer profiles, among countless other uses.

JotForm 4.0 is a powerful and simple forms-building tool ideal for real estate agents.

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JotForm is a digital forms creation tool.

Platforms: Browser-based; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Any agent or team looking for an affordable document/forms tool; professionals not happy with most common forms solutions

Top selling points

  • User interface
  • Array of forms
  • Built-in features
  • Mobile form design

Top concerns

  • Not industry-specific; many CRMs and real estate business tools come standard with forms tools.

What you should know

I introduced readers to JotForm in 2015.

At the end of 2016, the company had dramatically overhauled its already fun and intuitive form-building solution, calling it JotForm V4, or version 4.0.

JotForm can build any type of digital and print-ready form, from simple website “Contact Us” embeds to advanced lead generation templates.

There are more than 700 templates in the “Business” category alone.

JotForms are quickly edited in the revamped designer, in which logos can be uploaded, fonts changed, color schemes altered and backgrounds edited.

Any form you build comes with an embed code for easy website and landing page integration.

The new software is also mobile-first, meaning marketing teams and hands-on agents can design lead-gen forms or contract addenda with digital signatures on the go.

JotForm can also embed payment and merchant tools for online transactions.

Multiple people can collaborate on more sophisticated documents. It can also be used offline.

JotForm is great for open house forms, testimonial requests, listing data sheets, buyer preference forms, new customer data and just about everything that requires the capture of customer information.

I like JotForm because it provides users an immensely more flexible way to incorporate electronic forms than both DocuSign, Acrobat and ZipForm.

One account provides access to thousands of templates and customization options.

I feel real estate agents put too much pressure on digital documentation solutions, believing that they have to be serious, legal-looking interfaces with black text on white backgrounds.

JotForm makes fun out of business forms. The user experience is smooth and intuitive, and technically much more advanced than what others offer, especially when it comes to design and functionality options.

Things can get even easier when you add in any of JotForm’s partner widgets.

Users can choose widgets to build checklists, insert photos, play YouTube videos, embed signature fields, select dates, include Twitter feeds, validate email addresses and perform a host of additional in-form functions.

JotForm is all about options and simplicity.

I understand that many associations around the country provide access to digital forms tools as a member benefit. Great.

I ask, how do those solutions help you outside of a transaction? Or in marketing endeavors?

It’s always been my take that this column be driven in part by finding affordable, effective technology solutions for real estate agents.

So check out JotForm V4.

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