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Struggling with online lead conversion? Try Local Logic

Canadian community data company is making its way into the states to help agents convert more website browsers
Local Logic
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  • Software uses 17 data sources to boost traffic on listing pages.
  • Company claims community data-enriched listing pages are 36 percent more likely to contact an agent directly

Montreal-based community data company is aiming to help agents in the states convert more online leads.

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Local Logic is a community-focused data presentation tool for listing promotion.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Agents and teams that market listings on their own websites

Top selling points

  • Easy to interpret metrics
  • Attractive visuals
  • Appeals to consumer “ranking” mentality
  • Designed to enhance listing pages

Top concerns

Many similar tools already exist. Weigh your options.

What you should know

No one knows for certain why buyers choose the house they do. The reasons are as varied as the people themselves.

Making a safe, albeit non-scientific assumption, I believe that lifestyle is a major contributor. I think people will pay more to be in a popular area that offers an array of things to do and places to be.

This is the premise on which Local Logic has based its web marketing services.

The community data company leverages information gleaned from 17 public and private data providers to offer real estate agents additional data around which to promote properties.

The rankings software installs via a few lines of code and can be branded to match colors and other visual company assets throughout an agency’s website.

The code materializes to customers on the front end (alongside individual listings) as a heat map measuring the availability and proximity of things like high schools, cafes, parks and restaurants.

Each nearby business is given a ranking from one to five.

Local Logic also ranks a neighborhood’s character using terms such as “vibrant” or “quiet,” for example.

Transportation is ranked by categories such as mass transit access or by an area’s tolerance for car commuting or walkability.

The software can also be your website’s front-facing home search tool. Visitors check rankings that are important to them to see which properties most closely match.

Each location is given a quality score to allow home shoppers to compare listings.

Conceptually, this isn’t software you haven’t seen before. Familiarity doesn’t equate to banality, however.

This is a good looking product. The visuals are sharp and practical, and heat maps are an effective method for simplifying complex data.

The company’s own web user research found that website visitors are 36 percent more likely to use a site’s contact page when they don’t have to leave to further research a property. It’s not uncommon for home shoppers to use Yelp or other similar service and product ranking sites to expand their knowledge of an area.

From that point, gaining a buyer or customer will depend on your own lead conversion tactics.

Roll out requires no downloading or programming knowledge, but it would be wise to have a web programmer or a marketing pro edit the CSS to ensure branding elements display correctly.

Local Logic is based in Montreal and is now working its way into the United States. It currently works with franchised offices in Canada from number of major brands, and members of the company attended ICSF 2017 to inquire about its U.S. counterparts.

Again, there are a number of similar solutions, plugins and widgets operating in the community data space. Still, I see no reason why Local Logic’s journey into the states won’t go well. Give it a look.

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