Revaluate Pro
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Revaluate Pro: Collect and rank your prospects in 10 seconds

Neighborhood evaluation tool applies algorithms toward filtering real estate databases
  • Revaluate ranks homes and neighborhoods. New product Revaluate Pro uses the same type of filtering system to tell agents which prospects are most likely to be ready to move.
Revaluate Pro
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. I love home and neighborhood ranking tool Revaluate for its snarky wordplay (like "Mr. Clean lives nearby" for environmentally friendly areas), but the entire package of deep, dependable community data, sharp visuals and location granularity tell me it's a great resource for the real estate industry. Now the company has launched Revaluate Pro, which is doing the same bit of data cleansing and ranking for your database. (If the tool is new to you, catch up with last year's review.) Don't have a database? It'll do that for you, too.       How it works Revaluate Pro probes your Google or Office Pro account; after the 10 seconds of processing, it has collated your contacts and ranked the top five or 10 prospects most likely to be ready to move. The software scrubs your list, removing suspicious contacts and ranking what...