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These high-end prints will make your traditional marketing stand out

Calgary-based company offers an array of unique individual, team and franchise-ready print materials
Agent Marketing Group
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  • Company handles all design and production in-house and offers custom designs, fast turnaround and personal attention
  • Franchise brokers can select pre-branded brochures for listings, buyer agency, etc.

Agent Marketing Group is a web-based print collateral creation service ideal for brokerages and teams of all sizes, franchise offices and boutique shops.

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Agent Marketing Group is a web-based print collateral creation service.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Brokerages and teams of all sizes; franchise offices, boutique shops

Top selling points

  • Attractive, professional materials
  • Ease of ordering
  • Fast turnaround
  • Franchise-ready branded products

Top Concerns

Agent cynicism toward printed materials could impact broker decision to purchase.

What you should know

I’ll try not to turn this review into an argument for the value of printed marketing materials, but that might be difficult given the subject’s primary product: online ordering of high-quality property and agent marketing brochures.

What sets Agent Marketing Group (AMG) apart in this field is its hands-on experience, which is a big deal in the era of online outsourcing and cheap Craigslist labor.

This is a small company that handles design, production and most printing production in-house (Adobe Creative Suite was open in the background of my presenter’s screen), leveraging the web to expand its offerings.

Agents and brokers can shop the site for an array of marketing materials, from listing presentations to in-depth property and community marketing books.

For the sake of a quick turnaround, many of the design themes are similar and use common copy narratives. But the designs look great and can be customized on demand.

Covers can be switched around, logos used in unique ways, and headshots and team photos inserted where necessary.

The Calgary-based company has compiled a compendium of content on cities around the U.S. and Canada that can be inserted into team and property brochures.

AMG’s “Community Profile Property Brochure,” for instance, combines extensive neighborhood-specific information, such as popular restaurants, information on schools, parks and other regional amenities. Naturally, a property’s photos and features are the primary focus.

This is an ideal solution for unique or trophy listings, and the brochures are great as open house handouts.

Example of a brochure. Click image to view full brochure. Source:

Buyer presentation books sell the advantages of buyer agency and can be enhanced with team bios and testimonials.

Agents and brokerages need to commit to high-end photography to best take advantage of AMG’s materials. That doesn’t mean you need to pay a photographer; it means you need to not have your finger in the frame … and have a basic understanding of lighting.

The company can use photos to create dynamic slide shows with moving graphics and calls to action. They aren’t “videos,” but they can be viewed and shared in full-motion players.

Postcards, individual brochures and custom marketing cards can be also be ordered on the AMG website.

I view this as a great service for small agencies needing to move fast and affordably. You can print in small numbers, speak directly to the designers and folks running the show, and in essence, secure an on-call marketing partner.

I’m worried about AMG’s pending website services, though. There are already too many fast-food website vendors out there.

I hope to see AMG stay in its lane, because they’re out in front right now.

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