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MyPlanit won't let you forget a single contact. Ever.

App uses geo-location and enhanced data aggregation to make something new for the mobile-first agent
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  • New use of existing data, user experience design (UX) and timeframe memory tracking make app one of most original available for agents
  • Product earned Inman's first ever five-star technology review for it's tracking of the when, where and who of your business life.
  • App could be a CRM killer for many agents.

MyPlanit is a time- and place-based activity tracking app for appointments, people and listings; and it earned Inman’s first ever five-star technology review for it’s tracking of the when, where, and who of your business life.

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myPlanit is a time- and place-based activity tracking app for appointments, people and listings.

Platforms: iOS
Ideal for: All mobile-forward agents, teams and brokers in both traditional and luxury sales.

Top selling points

  • Timeline tracking of where, what, when and who
  • Minimal touch UX
  • Multiple listing service (MLS) integration
  • Timeline tracking of buyer preferences

Top concerns

MyPlanit can replace multiple software tools, which means adoption could render other products useless. Aspiring users will want to prioritize what software is mission-critical after implementing myPlanit.

What you should know

MyPlanit was developed by Adrienne Meisels, who developed location-based services patents now in use by Microsoft, Facebook and AOL.

From a category-naming perspective, myPlanit is a challenge … until you see it and no longer care about how it’s defined.

MyPlanit rests on a patented data platform that vacuums static information from the disparate business tools agents use to power their workday. It proactively contextualizes that compendium into an all-encompassing tracker of life moments.

Think of this app as a tool for blending when and where you go with the people you know and the reason you went there. Down to the minute.

 How often do we forget where or how we came across a business card or why a specific person is emailing us?

MyPlanit’s time-based activity tracking feature takes users back in time, location-by-location and hour-by-hour to trigger memories and augment the context around the person or property in question. It does the same for future moments.

MyPlanit for Real Estate from myPlanit on Vimeo.

The app’s user-experience is exceptional, designed to minimize a person’s actual interaction with the app outside of “tap to open, tap to select, tap to save.”

A scrolling business content panel floats over a map that physically tracks every place you go during a specified timeframe. Every event and person can be directly related to a point on the map.

By pinching the vertically-opposed “time scrubber” on the user’s right, the app zoom’s in and out of its user’s life — again, down to the minute.

As time compresses or expands, the map and content panel move with it, neatly showing the who, where and what of each hour.

The app’s MLS integration makes this granular moment tracking an ideal way to manage client property preferences. A quick thumb-scroll can reveal homes a person liked or disliked throughout your entire relationship.

Agents can share listings and places with contacts, set up matching programs, and be alerted when daily travel finds them close to a home a client would want to see.

Matching listings can be tagged with features that a buyer likes, such as “pool,” “kitchen island” or “landscaping.”

Listings can be sorted by size, price, ZIP code, beds, baths and place tags.

MyPlanit also incorporates notes, photos and video recording, all as each relates to a moment, place and person.

Contacts and calendars in myPlanit are synched with your device’s data sources, as are emails, texts and recent calls per contact. The app binds your contacts to every time and place in which you interacted with them.

Calling and emailing contacts can be done from within myPlanit, and each person can be labeled as a current or previously active client.

(In-app chat is in the developmental stage and will work in unison with another client companion app that’s currently in progress.)

Upcoming events can be viewed by sliding the timeline, which will move the map, offer directions and provide context around event.

Finally, the myHub feature neatly summarizes actionable events and MLS updates, and it matches in a minimalist view without the map and time scrubber.

MyPlanit is a high-concept, visually-enthralling product designed around how the brain processes memories.

It’s an original and practical business app wrapped in a user experience other developers should be emulating on their whiteboards.

Northwood Realty in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will soon launch myPlanit within its brokerage; and a number of other large, well-known industry organizations and MLSs are in talks to use it.

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