NAR says it’s in ‘active discussions’ with tech giants

Trade group teases talks with three of the four 'FANG' companies — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — but remains tight-lipped on details

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The National Association of Realtors is in talks with three of Silicon Valley's major technology giants, NAR CEO Bob Goldberg has revealed. At a live event in New York City last month, Goldberg said the 1.3 million-member trade group was in "active discussions' with three of the four "FANG" companies: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. "I can't disclose who we're talking to, but I can tell you three of the four, we're talking to. And they're interested in wanting to talk to NAR because of the presence that we have with our members in this industry," Goldberg said at the event. "So if we can do something to help bring them in to help our industry and our members, that's a good thing." Note: Goldberg talks about the FANG companies at about minute 33. NAR declined to comment on which of the three companies Goldberg was referring to, what NAR is discussing with the companies, what the trade group hopes will result from the discussions, and when and how Realtors can ex...