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Find more online leads with this new banner ad campaign solution

A new entry to the industry, My Digital Advertising helps agents target online home shoppers via keyword searches and digital ads
My Digitial Advertising
Simple and Effective Internet Advertising for Realtors

A new entry to the industry, My Digital Advertising helps agents target online home shoppers via keyword searches and digital ads.

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My Digital Advertising is software for creating and managing online advertising campaigns.

Platforms: Browser
Ideal for: All agents, teams and brokerages.

Top selling points

  • Branding, retargeting or listing ads
  • Multiple designs for single ad
  • Custom audience building
  • Behavioral targeting

Top concerns

The remarketing capabilities are an add-on cost, which might sway agents to look at competitors where it’s native to their solution.

What you should know

This is a great solution and welcome entry to the field of online advertising for real estate agents.

Similar to its chief competitor and standard-setter, Adwerx, My Digital Advertising lets agents easily understand how this effective marketing niche works and how to leverage it to augment business.

Plus, competition is only a good thing, and both companies will only further benefit the industry as a result.

My Digital Advertising offers some sharp features that agents should pay heed.

It’s very easy to get going, and once an ad is created using a logo, location, tagline, license number and fully custom colors, users are presented with a number of ad sets or size and medium variations for their ad. This offers a clear view of how the ad will present on desktop, mobile, banners and on Facebook.

Ads are developed to be compliant by state and to guarantee “above the fold” page placement.

Using a map, users can set a radius for their message to target, or do it by city or ZIP code. The behavioral targeting is pretty sharp, allowing users to track down potential audiences using keywords of relevant local events or search data.


For example, My Digital Advertising can help users target people who have looked for “Houses to buy near Lake Tahoe,” or “Parade of Homes schedule.” It’s a powerful example of just how accurate online targeting has become.

Ads are built in a quick, six-step process:

  • Choose campaign type
  • Choose your ad design
  • Customize
  • Targeting
  • Views and account
  • Review and confirm

The company bases its costs on length of time and desired (potential) views.

  • Three months/120,000 views: $750
  • Six months/240,000 views: $1,440
  • Nine months/360,000 views: $2,070

All ads are measured and monitored via the dashboard, can be paused, edited or canceled.

My Digital Advertising also offers an “Enterprise Account,” which is essentially a higher level of customer service and benefits.

The software’s back-end isn’t super polished, lacking a bit of sophistication from a user interface perspective. However, this isn’t a customer relationship management (CRM) or an office management tool, it doesn’t necessarily require hours of interaction or demand long-term digestion of granular deal data.

Thus, the look and feel are small typos in an otherwise very well put together premise: to help real estate agents sell more homes.

And there’s little reason to doubt My Digital Advertising won’t do that.

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