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Looking for a simple solution to social media? Try PropertySimple

The social media management company started in Chile, then followed its first customer to Arizona. Making paid ads and organic lead generation easy, PropertySimple is now ready for users across the country
We take care of your social media

The social media management company started in Chile, then followed its first customer to Arizona. Making paid ads and organic lead generation easy, PropertySimple is now ready for users across the country.

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PropertySimple is a social media marketing and advertising solution.

Platforms: Browser, mobile responsive
Ideal for: Listing agents, teams and brokerages wanting to better manage social media content and advertising

Top selling points:

  • Automated ad creation
  • Consumer-facing landing pages
  • ListHub feed for listing promotion
  • Facebook and Instagram ad builders
  • Exclusive ZIP code advertising

Top concerns:

A number of existing customer relationship management (CRM) software products integrate similar functionality, so agents will want to examine any potential redundancies. That said, it could use some CRM linkages for two-way lead funneling.

What you should know

Yes, just about every major-name CRM solution gives agents the power to create and publish social media content. However, there’s value in choosing software for a single core competency. If you’re looking to ramp up your online marketing out from the under the weight of your big CRM, then consider the very aptly named PropertySimple.

The web-based social media tool helps agents create organic campaigns for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It can also run paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

What I prefer about the former feature over some others in the market is the automated production of ads based on MLS status changes. Did you adjust the price? Then a new ad is ready to run.

Video display ads are included, too. They look great, using modern designs with up-to-date market statistics and calls to action. Open house announcements can be included as well.

Budget, ad frequency and targeting are made easy to manage because of PropertySimple’s super-sharp user experience. Agents can buy exclusive access to a ZIP code for six months, and those prices are locked-in for the life of the contract.

Buyer agents can use the system’s algorithm to push listing ads into the market it deems are most likely to sell. PropertySimple pays clear homage to the listing agent, but all call-to-action responses end up in the advertiser’s inbox.

Organic campaign scheduling is easily managed using nifty slider bars per social network, instead of tiny boxes for manually keying days of the week and times. Users can choose to publish articles, property collections or a listing.

Clicks on campaigns end up at the agent’s social profile, a stand-alone resume page of sorts that provides biographical information, more listings and video content. If managed correctly, an agent could use their PropertySimple page as an actual website. They’re quite well done.

Property Collections are exactly that, and can be assembled and published based on specific features, such as “Tahoe Donner’s Best Ski in-ski-out homes,” or “90210 Homes Under $3 million.” Buyers love lists, and social media audiences love to scroll. This feature should net some leads.

And speaking of, the Leads component of PropertySimple is a breakdown of interactions between your content and its consumers. The when, how long and how often are here, as is the cool ability to quickly reciprocate a “like” to a recent post, thereby creating a little helpful back-and-forth.

Agents can create their own content, of course, or use what’s provided. PropertySimple — and I pushed them on this — has an in-house team of writers and creators, so rest assured that your next blog wasn’t produced in a content farm that harvests the same post topics for every customer.

Look, if you need your social media to be done better, PropertySimple is worth a look. It started with an agent named Jeff Fisher in Chilé, where the company was also founded. Fisher is now selling in Whitefish, MT. His name and brand grew quickly under the team’s efforts, according to Adrien Dupuis, PropertySimple’s head of sales.

With Fisher’s blessing, the company found other real estate agents to work with and built an operating system around their best tactics. From what I see, there are a lot more agents out there who could learn from what Fisher started.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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