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Realable puts a unique spin on virtual tours

A former agent built this unique take on how to present listings to clients using Zillow, and Matterport. It's part screen-share, part video tour
A new way to tour online listings

A former agent built this unique take on how to present listings to clients using Zillow, and Matterport. It’s part screen-share, part video tour.

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Realable is video marketing and digital tour software for online listings.

Platforms: Chrome browser extension, mobile-responsive
Ideal for: Buyer agents, agents looking for a unique marketing differentiator

Top selling points:

  • Very unique “online tour” experience
  • Part presentation/part tour
  • Private or public tours
  • Quick launch from browser extension
  • Easy to learn

Top concerns:

Realable is best used on Chrome, so it may require a browser switch if the product appeals to you. Also, it’s currently only able to function on, Zillow and public Matterport tours.

What you should know

This is something we haven’t seen before. Mostly. Part BombBomb, part HomeRover.

Realable launches a video window from a Chrome browser extension that floats over a listing page from Zillow or, or over the top of a Matterport tour.

The listing’s images and details are pulled into the window alongside the presenter’s branded video player, allowing the agent to control the screen to browse images, open maps and record a “tour” through the listing.

Realable tours aren’t live in the sense of a Zoom meeting. They’re recorded for social sharing, private viewing via web browser or for public consumption on the agent’s Realable landing page.

And speaking of the Zoom, yes, it can be used to do exactly this. However, this is all about the cache of it. This software is why agents spend money on headshots and nice cars — it’s really effective marketing and branding.

A CRM from Onjax, called PureAgent, shrouds Facebook Live videos in an agent-branded landing page, much to the same effect here. It’s simply a unique way to demonstrate tech savvy and communicate brand.

Realable functions alongside Matterport tours as well, allowing the agent to scroll, walk and pan around the property.

Another cool feature of Realable is its screen-viewing options. The presenter and property can be viewed side by side and top to bottom in a “mobile view” or in a corner “news view.”

The presenter can also use emojis to showcase standout features or pull in web addresses and video links to share additional content. Text overlays can also be added. Agents also have the ability to embed a feed of their most recent public videos on their website.

Realable can also help listings stand out to other agents. Recording a tour of your own for dissemination throughout the brokerage and local networks can certainly help your seller’s property stand out, much like Zip Your Flyer’s new animated listing tool.

The software comes with viewing statistics and a way to track who has been sent videos. To be honest, Realable is somewhat hard to explain until you see it. Again, it’s part video messaging, part virtual tour — and all cool.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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