Chris's Stories

In this video, Chris Lazarus sits down with Peter Pasternack, founder of The Investors Blueprint (featured on A&E’s Flip This House), to talk about how agents can provide value when working with investors.

Sep 11

Chris Lazarus was a registered investment adviser (financial planner) before coming into real estate. He knew his product — mutual funds and stocks — inside and out. But in real estate, it’s a little different — your product is not necessarily the house. It’s you.

Apr 5

In this episode of Agent Insight, Chris Lazarus talks about the ins and outs of working with inside sales agents with Mitch Ribak, founder of Inside Sales Agents.

Apr 3

Finding talent in the real estate industry is hard enough. But even though real estate agents are independent contractors, bringing one into your brokerage is like any other hiring process — it’s got to be the right fit. That involves more than raw skill and gets down to your business’ vision, mission and future.

Mar 31

In Episode 2 of Agent Insight, broker Chris Lazarus sits down with Rick Guerrero who is the director of branch sales and strategic partnerships with US Mortgage Corp. to discuss creating relationships via social media and other networking avenues.

Mar 22

Choose your lenders carefully. You should have a good two to three lenders that you truly trust and can refer to. Broker Chris Lazarus goes deeper into what you can do to protect your sellers’ earnest money.

Mar 20

Chris Lazarus tells the story of how he became the real estate broker he is today.

Mar 13

Broker Chris Lazarus shares the tale of how he got started in real estate — and how he realized it was the career for him.

Mar 7