Jay's Stories

This was not our finest hour
May 22
It's not as tough as some make it out to be. Interact with users, provide good content, make some effort to build a follower base, test and measure your efforts
May 15
Sure, we all want our 'friends' (and their friends) to engage with us online both personally and professionally, but don't make these gross moves
May 8
Meditation can help you relax, focus and be the real estate pro you want to be
May 1
We can't all be Joan Jett — so if you do give a damn about your bad reputation, check out these tools that'll help you keep up with the word on the curb
Apr 25
If you wouldn’t put all your financial investments into one basket, why would you even consider putting all your lead generation efforts into one?
Apr 10
You don’t need to be paranoid and quake in fear every time you show a home or hold an open house — but you do need to prepare for a worst-case scenario
Apr 3
The alternatives could almost always be far worse, so focus on the positive
Mar 27