Jay's Stories

Digital etiquette isn’t all that different from real life etiquette: If you wouldn't do or say something IRL, don't do it online
Jan 29
By accepting your failures and analyzing what went wrong, you can learn from the experience and leverage that learning into 'fail-proofing' your business
Jan 22
What seems routine to you might be a mystery to your clients, but by continuing to educate them, you can help them prepare for the unexpected during the homebuying or selling process
Jan 15
Communicate, follow up, show a little empathy, treat your clients how you’d want to be treated — do that, and they’ll walk away singing your praise
Jan 8
You might already have your resolutions and goals set, but do you have a focus word?
Jan 2
Here are some simple things you can do to reduce your risk and exposure to the real evil that walks among us
Dec 18
As we roll into the next decade, look ahead, think like the consumer, watch for trends and don’t get stuck in the past
Dec 11
The majority of agents are ICs. Understanding what this classification means — and having a solid independent contractor agreement — is crucial for any successful brokerage
Dec 4