Jimmy's Stories

The key to success in real estate starts with honing your sales skills, according to Andrew Undem. As the leader of a team on track to close $170M this year, he's sharing the key factors to a superior sales experience for both clients and agents
Oct 21
Here are the absolute truths when it comes to having a lasting and successful career. If you follow these rules, explosive business growth is just around the corner
Oct 15
In real estate, you could be one relationship away from moving your business to the next level. Here are my top tips for giving a solid first impression, making quicker connections and building meaningful rapport
Oct 14
If you go deeper in your past client relationships, they will take your business wider
Oct 8
Do what the top producers do and avoid the mistakes that can keep you from becoming the best agent you can possibly be
Oct 7
Here’s what real estate agents need to do to expand their online presence and get the most from digital marketing efforts
Oct 1
The truth is, it's all about figuring out what you need to get the job done. Become the kind of person who figures things out and develops the skills to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself
Sep 30
Take action now to formulate your marketing plan for listings, and you will see your business grow
Sep 23