Realtors, through local, regional and state RPACs, are providing financial support for elected officials who support anti-LGBTQ+ bills. Here's what you can do
Apr 19
Society is speaking loudly in its desire for LGBTQ+ people to be accepted and protected. Our national government leaders are hearing it – and they acted
Dec 14
We are experiencing a midterm exam for humanity. Find out how the industry can do a better job of working with LGBTQ+ colleagues and serving all clients
May 10
Pastor Brandon Huber, a part-time agent, is under fire after his church broke ties with a food assistance program that promoted Pride Week. Ryan Weyandt, CEO of The LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance, explains why 'it’s time to step up and remove Huber from the Realtor ranks'
Dec 6
The CEO of the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance looks back on the progress made for LGBTQ+ homebuyers and renters in 2021, and the work that still lies ahead
Nov 22
Just this month, the U.S. Census Bureau announced it would ask respondents their sexual orientation and gender identity when conducting its Household Pulse Survey. Here's what the latest report revealed
Aug 31
Launched as a 6-market tour, The Alliance Certified Ally program is a mix of virtual and in-person training sessions that bring the LGBTQ+ community and ally real estate pros together. Here are common themes, questions and lessons learned
Aug 2
Pick up the phone and call your representatives to encourage them to pass the Equality Act, which would go a long way in increasing the LGBT homeownership rate
Jun 7
For the LGBTQ+ community, housing discrimination is preceded by many other impactful forms of discrimination that create barriers to homeownership
May 18
With the Equality Act, the LGBTQ+ community would have anti-discrimination protections during the homeownership journey. Here's how it can make a difference in the equal and fair treatment of LGBTQ+ buyers and sellers
Mar 30
The real estate industry has an obligation to assist LGBTQ consumers in their journey to homeownership. Here's what one organization is doing to further that goal
Oct 20