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Snapchat is not going to make you consistent money as a real estate agent. Facebook Live is. There are many reasons why, so let’s dive into the data.

Sep 23

The opportunity for real estate companies to dominate online is becoming increasingly more competitive each and every day. If you are focused on a real estate SEO strategy for your company, then you should know it’s a full-time job in and of itself. Recently, I wrote an article on SEO mistakes and promised I’d be back with tips on how to have success with a real estate SEO strategy. Here it is.

Aug 16

Engrained in our DNA as humans is a survival instinct. This survival instinct can cause harm to the buyers or sellers we represent because it causes us to put our own interests in front of theirs. There are many ways to combat this natural inclination — and one of them is to disclose your relationship with your lender.

Apr 20
Do you want to stay out of the Google penalty box?
Dec 2