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This is the reality surrounding the real estate market
Mar 8

I see it so often in Inman: an article or comment about how agents are being asked to lower their commissions. I like to joke that if you haven’t been asked to lower your commission, you haven’t done enough deals.

Jan 20

One thing we can all be sure of: what goes up does come down. As the news reports indicate, sales in October dropped 10 percent in Houston from 2014, and there’s evidence of slowdowns in other hot markets.

Dec 14

I admit, the Houston market has been extremely rewarding. But instead of being a great agent, I turned into an order-taker in 2014. The housing rush came with oil prices at $100 a barrel. Working as a listing agent was like winning the lottery. I veered from my routine on pricing a home.

Dec 8

The greatest lesson they taught me was to be truly understanding of the people you serve — no matter what business you’re in. I’ve embraced it ever since. As they often cautioned, “Lose a family, lose a generation.” That kind of long-term, big-picture thinking grows increasingly rare in today’s real estate business world with so much emphasis placed on the commission.

Sep 17

Since 2008, there has been a big shift in how we market. The mass marketing campaign concept just doesn’t work anymore. Individualized, self-directed, localized marketing is now the way to go. We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to thank for that.

Aug 21