Most agents have been driving hard this year, navigating both heavy competition and a changing (and sometimes challenging) market. Here are a few ideas to get the most from your summer season — and stay at the top of your game.
by Darryl Davis Jun 18
Buying a home is hard, but it's not impossible. As a knowledgeable expert with a fiduciary duty to your clients, it's your role to help buyers weigh and evaluate their options
by Nobu Hata May 27
Tune-up your listings business with actionable insights, advice from top agents, and helpful stories.
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Home energy efficiency is more complicated in hot climates, so stick to the basics for best results.
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The usual rules apply when buying rural property
by Tina Casey Jul 23
Hire an expert, do it yourself, or simply switch up your habits
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There are plenty of strategies agents and brokers can put in place to ensure steady streams of business
by Anthony Askowitz Jul 17
Don't get sidetracked by vacations, spare time or business travel
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This summer, some of the country's top real estate agents are paying it forward — and loving every minute of it
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A panel of Western real estate experts in Las Vegas discussed the trends making lake homes and resort homes a promising area for the industry
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Taking a break from your real estate business in the summer can give you new energy and ideas for the year ahead
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Down time is the perfect time to get intimately acquainted with your real estate technology
by Gill South Jun 18