Newzip signs third mortgage lender to its agent-matching service
SECU of Maryland is the third lender to sign with Newzip, which helps lenders court homebuyers by offering them discounts when they agree to work with preferred real estate agents
by Matt Carter Sep 27
Clever teams with Total Expert to land more lenders and homebuyers
Clever's integration of Total Expert's CRM and customer engagement platform could help the company drum up homebuyers who aren't already working with real estate agents
by Matt Carter Aug 23
Why is about much more than mortgage rates
There's a backstory to Lower that helps explain why the company believes it can now position itself as not just a lender, but 'Everything for your home, for Lower'
by Matt Carter Sep 8
Welcome mat
I went in search of an agent the old-fashioned way, by asking for recommendations. Six agents ended up replying, and I sent them each 61 questions. Yes, 61.
NYC-based property matching service Localize to connect buyers with agents
Originally aiming to offer New York City buyers an honest look at neighborhoods and buildings, the company has now launched Localize Advantage to help buyers to find their ideal agent
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 18
CityRaven connects exclusive pool of agents with quality leads
Wintrust Mortgage integrates with OpenHouse agent matching
The partnership represents a larger push for OpenHouse Realty in joining forces with key lenders
by Caroline Feeney Jun 7
A young woman matching samples at a table
Social network's new tool designed to 'digitize the referral process'
by Teke Wiggin Jun 2
Agent and property-matching app packs serious firepower
OpenHouse is result of product merger between agent-matching service and property-search app
by Teke Wiggin Nov 19
LinkedIn recruiting agents for matching service
LinkedIn's ProFinder may provide more reason than ever for agents to beef up LinkedIn profiles
by Teke Wiggin Nov 18
The Internet is stalking you -- what does that mean for your business?
How to conduct yourself and your business
by Deidre Woollard May 15
First national MLS listing portal will promote buyer's agents, too
Agent directory could feature transaction data
Zillow just gave consumers something more than a cow pie
Agent matching is the new frontier in real estate search
by Matt Carter Mar 24
Zillow revamps agent search platform, introduces agent ads
New 'Agent Finder' also lets consumers search for agents based on sales, price point, languages spoken and more
by Paul Hagey Mar 24
Surprise: There's serious support for agent matching services
Most Inman News readers give thumbs up to data-driven approach
by Inman Aug 28