Redwood Realty's Redwood Offers provides sellers with an all-cash offer within 72 hours, along with guided support on their other selling options
by Marian McPherson | Feb 19
The company plans to expand cataLIST to new cities, and it will debut its cash backing program this summer
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Perhaps one of the top skills an agent can have is listening and realizing that how something is said is as critical as what is said
by Christopher Totaro | Feb 22
The Charlotte-based startup announced it will back buyer offers with cash at no cost, and plans expansion into 10 new markets in 2019
by Jim Dalrymple II | Oct 25
Only 13.6 percent of DC buyers use cash for homes
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3 sticky scenarios agents should be prepared to handle
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Economists on latest NAR forecast
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Grow your real estate business in 2012
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Seemingly ideal situation can become legal nightmare
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Don't be intimidated by all-cash offers
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Tapping the international buying pool
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Seller in cash deal underestimates document's value
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