Savvy and progressive industry leaders such as Redfin’s Glenn Kelman and Northwest MLS are using this moment to break from the past and lift the veil of secrecy
by Brad Inman | Sep 13
Educating sellers on the appraisal process helps manage expectations. It gives them a realistic understanding, and it will enable them to navigate the process successfully
by Cara Ameer | May 29
Austin Board of Realtors is demanding Travis Central Appraisal District destroy data it obtained from CoreLogic
by Patrick Kearns | May 9
Are agents who don't attend appraisals doing a disservice to the property?
by Troy Palmquist | May 2
Often, people seem to research the car they want to buy more than the house they are thinking about purchasing — let's change that
by Jeff Owens | Apr 30
Anow says it handles more than 50,000 appraisals a month. The company has pioneered a digital platform meant to speed the process up and better inform clients
by Jim Dalrymple II | Feb 14
HouseCanary has quietly launched a new portal called ComeHome that aims to provide nuanced valuations. But some MLS execs don't know how their data got on the site
by Jim Dalrymple II | Jan 25
Jury sides with real estate appraisal software startup in lawsuit over trade secrets and fraud
by Emma Hinchliffe | Mar 15
How to resuscitate a dying transaction
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Suite for appraisals leverages market and social demographic data to improve the appraisal process
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The lender says that the law firms involved in the suit are 'predatory' and that it plans to appeal
by Amber Taufen | Jul 25
Think about what you can do to make the transaction smooth and simple for yourself and the buyers
by Cara Ameer | May 24
Remember, the buyers are paying for it, and it’s for them
by Byron Lazine | Apr 18
Only attend if you can add value to the process
by Byron Lazine | Apr 12
Agents should educate their clients about the appraisal process
by Scott Robinson | Nov 1