Brad Inman argued Wednesday at Luxury Connect that the real estate market today is dominated by change, and that agents need to be smarter to thrive
by Jim Dalrymple II | Oct 16
'My loud-mouth criticism? That’s how consumers are becoming,' Inman said onstage at ICLV
by Inman | Jul 30
Co-Founder and CEO Eric Wu sits down to talk out how to make the transaction simpler on buyers and sellers
by Inman | Jul 29
In a wide-ranging interview Barton discusses the company’s latest adjustments to its Zestimate tool, Zillow Offers, and why he believes agents will never be cut out
by Inman | Jul 26
The business models of the two iBuyers have more in common than one might think, an interview at Inman Connect Las Vegas revealed
by Teke Wiggin | Jul 24
Barton opened up about Zillow's 'expansion' into Zillow Homes, his goal for the Zestimate and why he wants his company to be a home marketplace
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 24
'An industry that used to manage the consumer will be managed by the consumer — and that’s good,' Inman said during ICLV interview with Warburg Realty's Clelia Peters
by Inman | Jul 24
Network, collaborate and tune-in to sessions structured to cover everything modern day brokers needs to know to thrive
by Inman | Jul 12
Network, collaborate and tune-in to sessions structured to cover everything modern day agents needs to know to thrive in tomorrow's real estate
by Inman | Jul 12
10 reasons Brad Inman is stoked about the inaugural event
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Startup Alley assembles top emerging companies at Inman Connect Las Vegas
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Here are the predictions influential real estate professionals made at Disconnect 2019
by Brad Inman | Jun 3
Powerful algorithms will not remove the emotions of buying or owning. But other factors will be a click away and demystify the process
by Brad Inman | Apr 1
You've got to get on or get out because there's no stopping innovation
by Inman | Mar 13
With Rich Barton as new CEO, the company is scrambling to regroup, reinvent and reassert its dominance over plucky upstarts
by Brad Inman | Feb 26