Happy Grasshopper eyes closing gift fix with Marigold & Grey deal
Happy Grasshopper, a content marketing solution, is adding gift-giving to its services thanks to a partnership with Maryland-based Marigold & Grey, a full-service artisan gifting company
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 8
12 useful gift ideas your clients will actually want
It’s not too late to reach out to your clients this holiday season. Designer Antoinette Fargo offers 12 gift ideas for now — or to take you all the way through 2023
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Fun, easy, creative! 3 memorable ways to thank your clients this year
It's always a good time to say thank you to your most loyal clients and referral sources. Here's how to do it with style
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15 closing gift ideas on Amazon Prime Day for real estate agents
Amazon's annual sale event returns Tuesday and Wednesday. Here are some of the Amazon Prime Day items real estate agents can scoop up at a discount for terrific buyer closing gifts
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Coming this summer, HomeDiary wants to share all of your home's secrets: Tech Review
Spaces, a clever, easy-to-use room management interface, allows users to set up a layout of custom-labeled room cards, each includes a nice summary of the space, an easily identifiable picture and the ability to click into more details
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Playing catch-up? 9 how-tos to reboot the conversation
Keep up with the relationships that matter most to your business. Here’s how to reach out, reboot and rejuvenate your contacts with past clients, colleagues and your community
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Home Manager brings some nice touches to a growing proptech segment: Tech Review
Home Manager adds a needed perspective to the home management tech landscape, but can it compete in an already-crowded field?
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10 pricey new agent mistakes you don't want to make
While it may be tempting to throw money at everything, as a new agent you need to keep your eye on the bottom line. Here are some wasteful habits to avoid
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7 ways to create meaningful relationships with your sphere
Real estate agents Jena Turner and Katie Clancy share how to leverage business systems to grow your sphere and deliver excellent service every time
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10 closing gift ideas your clients will never forget
Make a lasting, positive impression by giving a gift that will knock your clients socks off!
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Steal these 9 chic promotional gifts for better branding
Do better than flash drives and fridge magnets with name-brand goods and gear branded for your favorite clients
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Sotheby’s is giving clients a taste of the good life with branded wine
Sotheby’s auction house has released a collection of 12 wines, all of which will be available to SIR agents for 'gifting purposes'
by Marian McPherson Oct 30
Looking for the perfect gift? Use this survey to make sure you're on point
After analyzing 10,000 agent-given gifts, gifting experts from EvaBot share patterns, desires and geographic preferences
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How a former pastry chef uses her skills to sweeten real estate deals
Real estate agent Hannah Tai uses her pastry chef skills to create unforgettable closing gifts for every client
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