How to protect yourself as a first-time landlord
Real estate investing is a competitive and risky game. Although you can't control when a global health crisis strikes, as an aspiring investor, you can protect yourself by adopting these necessary strategies and techniques
by Anna Johansson May 22
Online retailer Wayfair to sell pre-designed sets of home furnishings
The company believes the prospect of buying an entire room's worth of furnishings and fixtures will appeal to property managers and short-term rental owners
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 25
5 tips for your buying and building clients
Should boomers renovate before selling?
It depends on the goals and needs of the client
by Eddy Lang Nov 10
6 direct mail newsletter content topics for past clients
Your former homebuyers directly influence your repeat and referral business
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BuildZoom calls Zillow out for alleged data-quality issues
Company takes to its blog to tell the world ‘what Zillow doesn’t want you to know’ about its listings; Zillow issues second cease-and-desist order
by Amy Tankersley Oct 6
How to keep buyer due diligence from killing a deal
Have a list of trusted professionals your clients can turn to for help
by Henry W.Bailey Sep 28 partners with HomeAdvisor to offer home services booking platform
Home services professionals network powering booking platform for remodeling marketplace
by Teke Wiggin Jul 7
4 biggest supplier sins committed by real estate professionals
Keep your game face on at all times and maintain your professional reputation
by Jennifer Fuller Feb 20
If you're searching the Yellow Pages, you haven't done your homework
by Paul Bianchina Mar 8
If referrals aren't provided, look elsewhere
by Paul Bianchina Nov 30
Whose advice should buyer trust?
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5 tasks to complete before hiring contractor
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Sellers question reliability of findings after contractor finds blown fuse
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