Active COVID-19-related forbearance volumes declined by a net 34,000 for the week ending on June 2, the first weekly decrease since the CARES Act went into effect
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 5
Black Knight reports that conditions should improve as homeowners receive their insurance payouts
by Gill South Dec 4
Improving home sales and foreclosure rates have outpaced construction growth
by Teke Wiggin Sep 26
3 key indicators 56% of the way back to pre-bubble levels
by Inman Apr 23
CoreLogic: 2.2 million distressed properties likely headed to market
by Inman Mar 26
Regulators exploring fix to protect underwater borrowers who have never missed a payment
by Ken Harney Oct 23
LPS: Most homes in foreclosure in judicial states delinquent for more than 2 years
by Inman Jul 9
Zillow: 2.4 million homes worth less than half of what they're mortgaged for
by Inman May 24
Nonjudicial foreclosure states see most improvement
by Inman May 1
Foreclosure-ridden states top Trulia's 'Housing Misery Index'
by Inman Feb 29
Robo-signing impacts felt most in judicial foreclosure states
by Inman Feb 16
RealtyTrac expects pace to pick up this year as 'robo signing' fades
by Inman Jan 12
CoreLogic: 1.6M homes not yet on the market represent 5-month supply
by Inman Dec 21
LPS report reveals hopeful long-term trends
by Inman Dec 2
30-day delinquencies back to 2007 level
by Inman Nov 17