If you’re a woman considering a career in real estate, harnessing these qualities and characteristics can set you up for success when working with clients and closing deals
by Amy Galvin Aug 21
It's important to remember that everyone has to live somewhere. Our homes have never been more important to us than right now
by Cara Ameer Apr 6
The descriptors that came up over and over again deal with emotional intelligence
by Inman Mar 10
Do yourself a favor, and get out of your own way
by Peter Lorimer Oct 31
As a real estate team grows, the broker’s responsibilities and work requirements grow along with it
by Pat Hiban Oct 18
Be the one who educates them, provides information and holds their hand when necessary — and please answer the damn phone
by Erica Ramus Sep 19
Stop the 'woe-is-me' and fearing you’ll be replaced. Go forth and guide your clients through the process of buying and selling homes
by Jay Thompson Aug 7
Focus your efforts on satisfying your clients’ basic needs, and your business can grow with far less worry than you probably have now
by Jay Thompson Jul 3
Listen and silent are spelled using the exact same letters
by Spyro Kemble Nov 8
Is it worth it to cut the human-ness out of a transaction for a flat fee?
by Kendyl Young Jun 11
Every client question is an opportunity to prove value
by Gill South Jun 6
Feeling like a bewildered, overwhelmed tourist can give you insight into your clients
by Michael Reames Jan 9
'Always creating trust' is mantra for millennium
by Scott Schang Jul 21