As a real estate team grows, the broker’s responsibilities and work requirements grow along with it
by Pat Hiban | Oct 18
Be the one who educates them, provides information and holds their hand when necessary — and please answer the damn phone
by Erica Ramus | Sep 19
Stop the 'woe-is-me' and fearing you’ll be replaced. Go forth and guide your clients through the process of buying and selling homes
by Jay Thompson | Aug 7
Focus your efforts on satisfying your clients’ basic needs, and your business can grow with far less worry than you probably have now
by Jay Thompson | Jul 3
Listen and silent are spelled using the exact same letters
by Spyro Kemble | Nov 8
Is it worth it to cut the human-ness out of a transaction for a flat fee?
by Kendyl Young | Jun 11
Every client question is an opportunity to prove value
by Gill South | Jun 6
Feeling like a bewildered, overwhelmed tourist can give you insight into your clients
by Michael Reames | Jan 9
Actions speak louder than words
by Teresa Boardman | Dec 2
'Always creating trust' is mantra for millennium
by Scott Schang | Jul 21