As a real estate agent navigating business from home through the pandemic, you've likely been interrupted by at least one of these roadblocks. Here are a few common everyday hurdles and strategies to overcome them
by Stacey Soleil | Jun 29
Heed these 6 steps and you'll follow through to a fruitful career
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The most annoying behavior is creating more work for agents without creating a mutually beneficial relationship
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Give your clients a reality check, and prepare them for what it's truly like to buy a home (and actually get the deal done) in your market
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If some days feel a bit like a strugglebus, take some time to take for a little self-care. You'll find yourself motivated all winter long
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Don't let fear and ego rule your business
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Like everything else, building a team is a skill that needs to be developed and practiced. Facing these hurdles head on will ensure your growth
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A well-set expectation will motivate you to accomplish more
by Pat Hiban | Jan 23
Customer service does not mean bending over backward for unreasonable requests
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Be cautious about the way you approach the situation, and weigh your options
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Work remotely while you build stronger systems
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Finding the right home in a seller’s market and why I’m not settling
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Anticipate your clients' needs, and provide value
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Transaction mastery is on par with listing or buyer mastery
by Craig Landes | Mar 8