Tarek El Moussa chased Hollywood to make 'Flip or Flop' a TV reality
The HGTV star and house-flipping expert learned the hard way that nothing in life would be handed to him. But he also learned that by 'taking massive action,' the possibilities in life are limitless
Keller Williams and agent hit with class action telemarketing suit
Las Vegas resident Wayan Garvey filed a complaint calling out KW's allegedly 'relentless marketing practices' and accusing the franchisor and agent Britney Gaitan of violating federal law
by Andrea V. Brambila Jun 16
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We don’t lack lead generation ideas. We lack execution. Choose a couple of these strategies, and take action today
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 1
Keller Williams to pay $40M to settle cold call class action lawsuit
As part of the deal, the real estate franchisor also agreed to create a task force to 'enhance compliance' with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
by Andrea V. Brambila Jan 13
A comprehensive guide to generating listings today
Here, Inman has created an extensive resource for ways to find inventory — from old-school methods to more creative approaches — when it seems like there's nothing left on the shelves
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To call or not to call: What if FSBOs are on the Do Not Call list? 
Real estate professionals can — and should — help FSBOs and expireds make the most informed decisions about their real estate best interests
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Get after it: 10 action steps every new agent should take
Whether you have a solid plan or are starting from scratch, these business-generating action items will help you hit the ground running, keep you focused and enable you to gain traction faster
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Find your buyers a home: 3 inexpensive ways to coax out listings
Getting out and finding sellers before they list can be a lot of work — but so is writing 40 offers and only having one of them go through. Here's how to find potential listings without spending large amounts of money
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Be an off-market pro: 10 tips to find hidden inventory
With more buyers competing for fewer homes, it’s more crucial than ever for agents to find ways to stay relevant. And the best way to do that is to bring your clients inventory they didn’t even know existed
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Overlooked inventory: 6 ways to find that diamond in the rough
Inventory can be found anywhere — real estate agents just have to get creative and put a little legwork into unearthing it
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Prospecting for expired listings and FSBOs? 11 tips to get an edge
Go beyond cold-calling with this comprehensive advice
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Gary Keller in front of a smartphone tech KW Keller Williams
The Austin-based real estate franchisor is the latest company to be hit with a proposed class-action lawsuit alleging unsolicited, prerecorded calls
An irritated woman taking a phone call.
California homeowner Jorge Valdes filed the class-action lawsuit against the companies in an April 3 complaint
10 ways to generate more real estate business
If one method isn’t working for you, experiment with another
by Pat Hiban Jan 11
A hand outlining a game plan on a chalkboard