'I wouldn't want you to live here': 9 fair housing violations to avoid
Prevent being canceled, fined or jailed by understanding fair housing laws and regulations and avoiding violations
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Get on board: Training your team for fair housing
Any time you spend preparing your teams to handle fair housing questions will save you time, money and reputation in the long run
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It's National Homeownership Month. Here's how you can address un-fair housing
Un-fair housing is an impediment to homeownership. Without fair access and opportunity to buy a home in this land of the free, homeownership likely feels to those denied like a nightmare, not the American dream
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Baird & Warner commits $215K to fair housing law scholarship
The scholarship is named after developer John W. Baird, who championed fair housing when it was unpopular in the real estate industry to do so
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Why Realtors should be fair housing ambassadors
Realtors have a unique opportunity to become fair housing ambassadors who take the lead and promote fair housing in their communities and the industry at large
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Put fair housing laws to work: How to prevent discriminatory practices
Determining how to create more equality in your business begins with an honest self-evaluation of your own attitudes and behaviors. Here's how to move fair housing from theoretical to practical
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Are you getting fair housing right? Test yourself
Are you falling short on fair housing compliance without realizing it? Confront your own unconscious bias and rely on best practices to ensure you're in the right
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