In some cities, most cash sales will have to be reported to regulators
by Andrea V. Brambila | Nov 28
The enforcement network also revised its targeting orders to include a 'broader range of transactions'
by Amber Taufen | Aug 22
The rules will remain in place through August 22, 2017
by Amber Taufen | Feb 23
Protect the investments of your all-cash homebuyers
by Jackson Cooper | Aug 31
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has expanded its LLC rules
by Amber Taufen | Jul 27
The laws designed to unveil LLCs and detect money laundering are in effect
by Gill South | Mar 1
More onus is on real estate agents to know who their cash-buyer clients are
by Gill South | Jan 15
Protect yourself from being part of an illegal transaction
by David Redic | May 21
Report: California a hotbed for financial crimes
by Inman | Jun 29
Employee tipped borrower to mortgage fraud report
by Inman | Jan 12
3 of 4 mortgage fraud reports involve pre-2008 activity
by Inman | Dec 15
FBI, FinCen report growth in loan mod, short-sale scams
by Inman | Jun 17
Number of suspected cases remains at historic high
by Inman | Jan 22
More fraud, or more awareness?
by Inman | Jul 9
Industry group says reports up 26% in 2008
by Inman | Mar 17