She was hacked on Instagram. Now a Compass broker is speaking out
Nancy Gordon told Inman she had been trying to do several things at once when the hack happened — like many real estate professionals tend to do — which likely made her more off-guard than she might have been otherwise
by Lillian Dickerson Feb 23
HUD scores a C in cyber security test, other agencies fare worse
Report finds 7 federal agencies, including the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, have failed to protect Americans' personal and financial information
Agents beware: Charging phones this way can be risky
Plugging into public USB charging stations can expose agents to a type of scam called 'juice jacking'
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 20
Inman Connect New York: Indie Broker Summit Video Recap
Watch all of this year's Indie Broker Summit speakers in one place
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Inman Connect New York: Hacker Connect Video Recap
Watch all of this year's Hacker Connect speakers in one place
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Worried about a tech breach? 26 ways to minimize your risk
Suggestions for brokerages and individual agents from real estate tech experts
by Amber Taufen Aug 2
Is a fraud alert or security freeze better after a data breach?
The T-Mobile and Experian hacking left questions for consumers
by Nabil Captan Oct 22
John Studebaker: 'Technology is one of those areas where the best doesn’t always win'

“Too many times great technology is created, and because of poor marketing, it is thrown to the side for something inferior,” says Studebaker, the Director of Information Technologies at ProspectsPlus!

by Inman Oct 22
Jennifer Chao: 'I want to use technology to take the frivolous hassles out of life'
A Redfin developer behind Book It Now opens up
by Inman Oct 15
Martin Ruyant-Gadre: 'Looking for a new home is a very intimate choice'
A website developer and CEO talks inspiration and evolution
by Inman Oct 7
Russ Perna: 'I'd like to see the whole industry working together to make transactions smooth, easy and transparent'
Tech guru talks about how technology has changed the real estate industry and how he hopes to continue that trend
by Inman Aug 26
Shannon Bertucci: 'Matching buyers to homes scientifically is a huge challenge requiring out-of-the-box thinking'
A real estate hacker on what motivates her and which band is her favorite today
by Inman Aug 17
Mark Pullyblank: 'We're just capitalizing on the secret desire to play with dollhouses'
A real estate hacker talks animated films, cereal bars and day planners
by Inman Aug 4
Nate Moch: 'The more accessible we can make data, the more innovation we will get'
Zillow's VP of product talks tech, favorite cities and board games
by Inman Jul 27
Nikolay Bankov: 'I want to be able to instantly talk to a real estate professional about a property'