How agents can nab new inventory as moratoriums expire
It's unclear exactly how many properties will be freed up now that the federal eviction and foreclosure moratoriums have expired. But whichever way it goes, agents will want to be prepared
With home prices slow to fall, would-be buyers are getting squeezed out
People who lost income during the pandemic are finding it hard to buy their first homes as real estate prices grew faster than incomes, according to a new Harvard University report
by Daniel Houston Jul 23
Quakes, floods and fires: These are the 10 riskiest counties in the US
Los Angeles County has the highest risk of earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters
Strict zoning laws are exacerbating the affordability crisis: Study
A working paper published by Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania draws a connection between booming home price growth and zoning
by Marian McPherson Dec 26
More existing homes will come equipped with smart tech: Study
80% of new homebuyers opted for smart home upgrades, according to a new study by Harvard researchers
Harvard JCHS report predicts uptick in home improvements this year
Home renovations are expected to hit 10-year high but may be hindered by labor shortages and financing concerns
by Amy Tankersley Jan 22
Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies unravels rise of rental prices
Most new rental construction is intended for upper-income renters, leaving low- and middle-income renters out in the cold
by Amy Tankersley Jan 14
Harvard report: Homeowners are well-positioned to tackle remodeling projects heading into 2016
Home improvement spending expected to pick up in next few quarters
by Amy Tankersley Oct 16
Harvard’s annual housing report tells ‘tale of 2 markets’
Homeownership is at 20-year low, but ongoing recovery efforts are driving a more positive outlook
by Amy Tankersley Jun 26
Millennials will soon be a force to be reckoned with in housing markets
18.4 million 20- and 30-somethings are living with their parents
by Paul Hagey Jul 7