Rental listings displayed on the real estate portal will need to come through Zillow Feed Connect or Zillow Rental Manager
by Patrick Kearns Nov 3
The company is also launching new data-driven tools for the multi-family rental space that include rent comps and other insights
by Patrick Kearns Oct 20
The Zillow-owned search portal and the New York City-based brokerage are currently locked in negotiations
by Patrick Kearns May 29
A Zillow spokesperson told Inman the company gets virtually all of its listings from MLS feeds these days
by Patrick Kearns May 19
Starting January 1, 2020, StreetEasy is upping the price per listing, per day, to $6
by Patrick Kearns Dec 26
The listing giant has unveiled a new set of tools letting prospective renters apply to multiple apartments with one form and pay rent directly from the website
by Emma Hinchliffe Jul 31
Property management companies will get instant access to consumer activity
by Marian McPherson Oct 10
UtilityScore recommends energy-efficiency improvements and financing options
by Teke Wiggin Aug 22
The real estate portal reported its Q1 2016 earnings results
by Caroline Feeney May 3
Zillow Rentals will filter renter inquiries if they don’t meet a property’s income requirements
by Amy Tankersley Oct 29
The only thing missing is the brokerage license
by Brian Rayl Aug 28 nabs 2 awards; firm's iPad app and NYC portal StreetEasy each win 1
by Paul Hagey Apr 28
Giant destination sites will always be middlemen
by Matthew Barba Jul 9
For a fee, listings will show up higher in search results
by Paul Hagey Jul 18