FHA's 'Blueprint for Access' is not even funded, and it's business as usual at Fannie and Freddie
by Ken Harney | May 20
2 out of 3 who file grievances get some sort of satisfaction
by Ken Harney | Apr 22
Ban has hit moderate income, first-time and minority buyers hard
by Ken Harney | Apr 8
Instead of giving borrowers a break, mortgage insurer plans to institute new 'quality assurance' fee
by Ken Harney | Mar 12
Court battle highlights potential legal pitfalls in marketing title insurance, settlement services
by Ken Harney | Feb 25
If FHA financing is not an option, minorities may face 'disparate impact'
by Ken Harney | Jan 28
Democrats see mortgage giants' role to help more marginal homebuyers
by Ken Harney | Dec 31
Look for Fannie and Freddie's new regulator to push for looser underwriting, down payment requirements
by Ken Harney | Dec 17
10-point standard in use for 17 years found to be unconstitutionally vague
by Ken Harney | Dec 3
Real estate industry warns of credit crunch if thousands of homebuyers are moved into 'jumbo' territory
by Ken Harney | Oct 21
Lawmakers weigh tax reforms that are more far-reaching than expected
by Ken Harney | Sep 24
Critics: Focusing on outcomes, rather than intent, flies in the face of sound underwriting practices
by Ken Harney | Sep 10
Industry experts worry fix amounts to too little, too late
by Ken Harney | Jul 30
Real estate editors honor Andrea Brambila, Paul Hagey with gold awards
by Inman | Jun 10
Language buried in CC&Rs puts entire projects off limits for FHA loans
by Ken Harney | May 21