No more blame game! 5 steps for handling confrontation in real estate
Most real estate conflicts can be solved fairly quickly if all parties are honest about their own involvement. But you'll never get anywhere if you play the blame game
by Ryan Zomorodi Feb 8
Make sure your buyers know these 10 things before closing
It's closing time, but are your clients prepared? Make sure to help your clients navigate the most important part of the transaction for a smooth transition into homeownership
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5 foolish financial fails (that could cost you everything)
Whether it's budgeting, taxes or managing day-to-day expenses, real estate agents need to pay close attention to money matters
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WATCH: How to recruit and retain to drive profits regardless of market condition
John Cheplak wants brokers to stop herding cats and to start building huge opportunities for their team. Brokers need to make real and meaningful change to retain and attract agents
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9 tips for creating a seller safety plan on your next listing
There certainly isn't enough advice out there on seller safety, says safety expert Robert Siciliano. Here are some tips to ensure your sellers (and you) stay safe during showings
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How management styles have evolved over the years
The old ways of doing things are giving way to newer, more innovative management styles that work, both for you and those you lead
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Get your team back on track! How to bust out of a plateau
Has your team stalled out and bogged you down with more problems than sales? Check your team and your leadership skills with these insights
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How to help women and minorities in real estate rise 
Leaders have to intentionally create space and structure for minorities on their team to have an equitable experience. This responsibility has the opportunity to create a lasting impact for your brokerage
by Rainy Hake Austin Jun 21
The rise of new technology helps indies compete
Think indie shops can't compete with big-box brokerages? Think again! New technology gives small brokerages big recruiting energy when pitching to new agents
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How to lead with strategic thinking
Leading your team to success can be filled with many hurdles. Practicing strategic thinking in your leadership will show your team a clear path to their goals
by Rainy Hake Austin Jun 15
How to execute on giving your team what they need to grow
Can your team thrive with their current support system? Strong leaders know that agents need tech and tools that work to achieve measurable growth
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The stuff of leaders: Readers on what it takes to inspire
A good leader will improve the chance of success for their brokerage, their agents, their team and themselves
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7 things real estate agents want in their work life
The conversation around positive work environments is long overdue. Find out what agents want most in a brokerage
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What's a SPOA? The management concept Compass CEO Robert Reffkin can't live without
The fast-growing brokerage and its CEO Robert Reffkin have developed an approach called 'Single Point of Accountability' that sees 1 person tasked with driving projects forward
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Compensation errors, wrong hires and other costly mistakes team leaders make
Having the right team can be a major boon to your business — provided you take steps to avoid these 10 mistakes that can undermine the success of your team
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