The new features will help agents and brokers by providing a 'seamless and fully-integrated user experience'
by Lillian Dickerson May 18
After bouncing around Trulia and then Zillow, Market Leader — a CRM and marketing software — has been reborn under Constellation Real Estate Group, and we're better for it
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 30
Apps that focus on only one aspect of the sales funnel are rare. ConnectNow is a value-add web and mobile app for capturing leads quickly and connecting to any CRM or source you use
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 31
The real estate mega franchisor is acquiring Philly startup SmarterAgent, which makes branded mobile apps for agents, to help launch a new consumer strategy in 2019
by Patrick Kearns Sep 5
OpesView mobile app enables buyers to get a full picture of their financial future
by Amy Tankersley Nov 29
ListingCheck apps provide valuable hazard information to agent fingertips
by Kimberly Manning Oct 10
New roommates could be one click away – and they're not on Craigslist
by Britt Chester Sep 20
NAR's RPR-SentriLock integration serves up on-the-spot answers to client questions
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 16
Use your phone's native texting capabilities to enrich the customer experience
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 29
Draw your custom perimeter and see what's available
by Britt Chester May 9
Smartly control calls and messages from different segments of your clientele on a single device
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 21
'Our app sucks,' wrote the company's vice president of product in a blog post before unveiling new version
by Amy Tankersley Feb 18
Smartphone app pledges to connect buyers with agents in minutes and manage entire homebuying process
by Amy Tankersley Jan 19