National Association of Realtors Chief Economist Lawrence Yun predicts inflation will be delayed for five or six years — and then the price of everything will rise
by Andrea V. Brambila May 14
Two speeches this week -- one by the Chair and one by a Fed governor -- illuminate the plans
by Lou Barnes Mar 3
Housing is already a drag on this economy
by Lou Barnes Feb 27
Swiss National Bank's surprise move creates uncertainty about other central banks
by Lou Barnes Jan 16
People need help to compete, and none is forthcoming
by Lou Barnes Jun 13
Weaker euro would benefit buyers paying in dollars, yen and renminbi
by OPP Connect Jun 6
Dudley: 900,000 housing starts are nice, but I'd like to see 1.5 million
by Lou Barnes Sep 27
Commentary: Fears of overheating economy or Fed tightening are mostly imagined
by Lou Barnes May 24
Fed: Tight underwriting standards limit stimulus effect on housing markets
by Inman Jul 19
Reuters: Rate cuts by central banks signal 'growing alarm' about global economy
by Inman Jul 5
Commentary: US must be competitive in the world, or be Europe
by Lou Barnes Jun 1
Commentary: Demand for labor has improved, but remains very, very thin
by Lou Barnes May 4
Commentary: Fed could launch QE3 pre-emptively
by Lou Barnes Apr 20
Fed may launch new round of MBS purchases as lawmakers hike Fannie, Freddie fees
by Inman Jan 20
Credit house of cards just gets bigger
by Lou Barnes Dec 29