Agent appreciation month is over, let’s treat the staff
by Troy Palmquist | Feb 13
The buyer's market is maturing. Be ready to change your mindset, and prepare to look for opportunities in the tumult of change
by Teresa Boardman | Jan 30
Let’s never lose sight of why we are really here — to help others whenever possible
by Jason Sokody | Nov 12
If you don't have a budget or a plan, you can always make one today and start tracking your expenses
by Teresa Boardman | Jun 13
You might be a hustlin’ and bustlin’ real estate agent. But to be the best agent you can be, your hustle requires diligent organization
by Gina Castrorao | Apr 25
Agents can save sellers time, money, liability and hassle
by Chris Rediger | Jul 2
By defining your own version of success, keeping a strong value on your time and being consistent, you will win in the long term
by Kevin Hoover | May 10
After a $450M investment at a $2.2B valuation, critics of the NYC-based techie brokerage are suddenly sounding shallow
by Brad Inman | Dec 11
New Zillow Group forecast indicates median home value will rise 3.1 percent by next fall
by Patrick Kearns | Nov 10
Housing subsidies are going to wealthy homeowners at nearly twice the rate of low income renters
by Patrick Kearns | Oct 13
Don’t let lies hold you back from reaching your potential
by Christina Ethridge | Aug 1
This could be the most brilliant move of your life -- plan accordingly
by Julie Nelson | Jul 13
Let go of your 'work' related tasks, and focus on you
by Matt Bonelli | Mar 29
First things first: A CRM is the most important purchase
by Peter Lorimer | Mar 3