Hearing 'no' is part of the gig when you’re a real estate agent, but you don’t have to let it break you down. Repurpose it to drive you forward
by Christy Murdock Edgar | May 24
At this point in the deal, it's in both the buyers' and the sellers' best interest to follow these steps
by Cara Ameer | May 15
Add these techniques to your arsenal, and you’ll further develop your skills and strengthen your reputation as a quality agent
by Jackson Cooper | Apr 15
Perhaps one of the top skills an agent can have is listening and realizing that how something is said is as critical as what is said
by Christopher Totaro | Feb 22
Although you can’t always circumvent another agent’s poor choices (especially during negotiations), you can make sure that you avoid making these mistakes in your business
by Bernice Ross | Jan 6
Finding the right home can be quite different than successfully ratifying a contract on the right home, and the gap can be in your approach
by Misty Soldwisch | May 9
The worst they can do is say no
by Desare Kohn-Laski | Dec 13
Learn how to adapt to your buyers' needs, personality and goals, and they will love you for it
by Katherine Salyi | Dec 4
Be confident, well-prepared and work with your clients to arrive at the best possible decision
by Bernice Ross | Apr 10
The inspection contingency is typically the first on the sales timeline
by Andrew Wetzel | Dec 22
Think outside the box in order to solve your clients' problems
by Mike Kalis | Oct 25
Putting things off has its benefits
by Sam DeBianchi | Aug 26
Know the right things to ask before these situations occur
by Bernice Ross | Aug 1