The agent's guide to crafting a winning unique value proposition
Your unique value proposition is more than just a catchy slogan. It’s a powerful way to differentiate yourself from your competition
by Jeremy Knauff Jun 3
Level up! Grow your skills with these designations and certifications
If you are looking to niche down your business and learn to be an expert, there is a designation or certification out there to help support your education
by Rachael Hite Oct 21
Let's get personal: Why (and how) to build a personal brand
Agents must create a brand that sticks in the mind of the market. It’s not enough to just be better — you also have to be different
by Jeremy Knauff Feb 14
3 reasons choosing a niche is the best thing I did for my career
When you try to be 'everything,' you make it almost impossible for prospective clients to see your value. And if they don't see your value, they will seek out an agent who can present clear value
by Nicole Espinosa Aug 5
The New Normal: What if specialization is the answer?
Post-COVID buyer needs are changing, creating new opportunities for agents who are willing to specialize. What segments stand to gain in the new normal?
by Christy Murdock May 28