1,744 Puerto Ricans will be able to stay in transitional housing until July 23, as a Latino civil rights group continues to lobby for long-term assistance from FEMA
by Marian McPherson | Jul 3
Rates of past-due loans in the areas of Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico stick out like a sore thumb while rest of country is at a 10-year low
by Gill South | Apr 11
The state of the real estate market in Puerto Rico may lead to a number of agents leaving the island, going to U.S. states such as Florida, New York and California
by Gill South | Oct 6
Real estate community welcomes the Jones Act waiver, effective for 10 days, but interior transportation challenges loom large
by Gill South | Sep 28
Waiving the Jones Act would save Puerto Rico precious funds as it recovers from Hurricane Maria's wrath
by Gill South | Sep 27
Beautiful island down but not out, agents report as communication resumes in piecemeal fashion.
by Gill South | Sep 26
The ins and outs of the battle
by Peter Brooke | May 17