Broker Spotlight: Raj Qsar, The Boutique Real Estate Group
In the spotlight this week: Meet Raj Qsar, the cabernet-drinking, country music-loving CEO and owner of Orange County, California’s The Boutique Real Estate Group. Find out how he creates once-in-a-lifetime marketing experiences that surprise, delight and win referrals
by Troy Palmquist Mar 17
Raj Qsar on the state of the luxury market: 'It's on fire'
The owner and CEO of The Boutique Real Estate Group in Orange County has seen a significant shift in buyer attitudes since the onset of the pandemic
Bad connection? A luxury home's slow internet can kill a sale
While high-speed internet was once one buyer perk among many, it has become an indispensable part of a home — one that can make or break a sale
Goodbye sports cars, hello restraint: Luxury marketing flips the script
'The over-the-top marketing, the partying and the champagne is not cool right now,' said Donna Olshan, a luxury Realtor and the founder of Olshan Realty in New York
'Sanitizer and power of attorney': How luxury is bracing for the virus
In the most extreme example, some clients with private jets have begun asking about buying homes on islands and in other isolated areas that they can flee to in case of disaster
TikTok for real estate: How to harness this next-gen social media app
Real estate agents are using TikTok to take their business to the next level. Here's how creating content on this popular video-sharing app can help you build your brand and generate leads
by Bernice Ross Mar 4
Indie Broker Summit NY 18: Live problem solving II
Watch the pros work through roadblocks for the Inman audience
by Inman Feb 27
Tech Connect NY 18: Here's what the fast and furious transaction looks like
Startups touting a swifter home sale have big plans to shake up the industry
by Inman Feb 23
Tech Connect NY 18: Live problem solving
Watch the pros work through tech roadblocks for the Inman audience
by Inman Feb 22
An indie broker talks tech, trends and creation
Catch Southern California-based influencer Raj Qsar at the Indie Broker Summit
by Samantha Bullock Jun 5
Indie broker hires goodwill ambassador to spread positivity
The inspiration for this new position came from Raj Qsar's father-in-law, a savvy business owner
by Marian McPherson Apr 18
How to create a digital real estate lead machine
Raj Qsar and team use RealScout for personalized lead conversion
RealScout could save you time and energy in converting leads
by Britt Chester May 24
7 lead-generating video ideas that do the work for you
Use video to virtually meet future clients
by Jay Luebke May 18
How to hustle like a real estate rock star
Always doing it right, thinking downstream and focusing on connections are the keys to success
by Marian McPherson Mar 9