Samantha's Stories

Andrew Flachner is co-founder and CEO of RealScout. RealScout combines revolutionary buyer data-driven listings tools and industry-best home search experiences to help you win and sell more listings.

Jul 27

Jerry Holden is the president and broker for The Holden Agency. After a career in professional baseball, Holden redirected his competitive mindset toward real estate and quickly built a reputation of success in the industry.

Jul 20

Alex Wang will take the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco during our Marketing Intensive Track on Thursday, August 10, to teach others how to use review sites to enhance your online presence.

Jul 19

Jessica Hansen, the global engagement manger at Kiva, has dedicated her life to helping others. Hansen worked with refugees for over 10 years through organizations like UNHCR, the International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps, helping to empower woman and girls and provide access to safety and education for refugees.

Jul 18

Christine Lee, CEO of Seize the Market, is a jack of all trades in the real estate industry. Her past roles include real estate appraiser, mortgage broker, real estate broker, general contractor and consultant.

Jul 6

Hassan Riggs, founder and chief product officer of Smart Alto, an artificial intelligence company that has text message conversations with real estate leads to book home tours, is here to prove he might be the new kid on the block — but he is here to stay.

Jul 5

If I can buy and finance a $100,000 car in an afternoon, why can’t I buy and finance a $100,000 condo in a day, or three days, rather than weeks and then only after signing a mountain of paperwork. It seems to me that a house is far better collateral than an automobile. The process can and must get better. Someday.

Jun 30

Watch Matthew take the stage during the Provoke track at Inman Connect San Francisco on Thursday, August 10, to see which side he is on, and why! Register Now Until then, we checked in with Matthew to see what he has to say about how the industry is changing and what issues the industry is facing.

Jun 29