A quarter of homebuyers were looking to relocate during Q4, 2022
According to a new report, 24.6% of Redfin users were looking to move inspired by high housing costs in most major cities and the freedoms provided by remote work
by Ben Verde Jan 24
MoveEasy's latest update makes the livin' easy
Relocation clearinghouse MoveEasy has added a powerful and relatively hands-off module to keep homeowners engaged between moves. It will be available in early October, the company says
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 29
Americans still want to relocate — even as pandemic fears dwindle
The number of Redfin.com users who searched for a property outside of where they currently live rose to 31.1% during the second quarter, up from 27.6% a year earlier
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 21
Buyers relocating? How to guide them in a cross-country move
In a highly competitive market such as real estate, every agent needs that competitive edge. Here's how to make helping relocating buyers yours
by Victoria Kennedy Jun 15
HomeKeepr, now a MooveGuru product, announces service integration
Moving assistance solution MooveGuru now has the mobile app outreach and marketing power of HomeKeepr, acquired in 7-figure, stock-for-stock transaction. HomeKeepr will remain operating as a MooveGuru company
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 9
13 things buyers need to consider before relocating
Before moving on to another destination, here are a few things buyers should consider as they wade through their options
by Cara Ameer Nov 30
Unexpected moves cost Americans an average of $2,300
New jobs, breakups and family emergencies were the most common reasons for an unexpected move, according to a survey by moving company Hire A Helper
by Marian McPherson Feb 27
A couple sharing a champagne toast on the floor in their new house
Attract relocating homebuyers through excellent content
by Joe Samson Jul 19
How to get started blogging in real estate
Use this free(ish) online marketing tool to your advantage
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How relocating real estate agents can hit the ground running
11 tips for how to build a real estate business from scratch
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Seller motivation: 'Have to' versus 'want to' sellers
Know what you're working with before you waste your time
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20 ways to help ease your clients' moving day
Relocating is tough, but these tips will help reduce stress
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