Win or lose, how to manage your client’s expectations
The complexity of the current real estate market means that client relationships can sour quickly. That's why it's vital to set appropriate expectations upfront
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$170M top producer breaks down the secret to his success
The key to success in real estate starts with honing your sales skills, according to Andrew Undem. As the leader of a team on track to close $170M this year, he's sharing the key factors to a superior sales experience for both clients and agents
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How to couch armchair expert advice
Knowing how to combat misguided viewpoints with vetted knowledge and confidence is vital. Here's how to deal with a few common scenarios
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4 key steps to building a thriving real estate team
Every leader has a different approach to hiring, but one thing is certain: It's crucial to hire the right people if you want your team to be successful. One agent shares her tried-and-true method for building a team from the ground up
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Pulse: Your top tips for weathering this hot seller's market
This week, readers share how they're helping clients navigate this anxiety-inducing market. Here's what you had to say about setting buyer expectations — perhaps one of the most important and basic tips agents should follow
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Save your time! 3 tips for prescreening prospects
The last thing agents want is to work with prospects for weeks before realizing it was a complete waste of time. This can be avoided, however, by having the proper prescreening process in place for vetting clients. Here are a few tips
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9 ways buyers sabotage their home purchase
Give your clients a reality check, and prepare them for what it's truly like to buy a home (and actually get the deal done) in your market
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Keeping It Real: How to kill success
Don't let fear and ego rule your business
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9 unreasonable repair requests your buyers should skip
Sellers are far more likely to agree to a $300 credit, than replace 30 $10 items, so use safety or failure of an expensive system as your guide
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5 simple tips for setting buyer expectations
Taking the extra time to guide and explain the process to your clients will enable you to have a smoother process and alleviate some unnecessary stress
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How to set client expectations in a hot real estate market
In quick-moving markets like Denver, New York, Seattle and Portland, how do you inform clients of what it will take to get their dream home?
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4 easy ways to set client expectations in real estate
A few simple habits can change the nature of your business and allow you to come through for clients
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How to prevent a client’s family from sabotaging your real estate transaction
Learn how to be adopted instead of excommunicated
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A checklist
Are these items on your personal agenda of things to tackle this year?
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3 homeseller conversations you can't afford to ignore
Don't walk on eggshells in fear of losing a listing
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