Stop trying to be Steve Jobs. Focus on these 12 principles instead
These 12 principles can act as guideposts and mile markers to measure your forward progress. Do not take shortcuts
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How to close 15 deals between now and the new year
The market determines your stratey, not your success. There’s 3 months left in 2022, and if you put in the work — despite setbacks and oppositions — you have time to close 15 deals. Here’s how
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How to take your team from zero to $130M in only 4 years
At age 28, Juan Carlos Barreneche is one of the most successful agents in the US and founder of the Gold Bar Team. His two primary goals in life are to help people and to be financially free
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Meet Tim Heyl: Team leader, CEO and Inman's 2021 person of the year
Heyl's rise as an agent and CEO of Homeward has been exceptional. But that isn't all he's done. Inman spoke to Heyl on his remarkable success as he sets his sights on the new year
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Ready to level up? Read these 10 groundbreaking books
Here are the 10 books every real estate professional must read to improve their personal and professional life, according to Inman readers
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Why team leaders must master the basics of business before expanding
The key to doing team expansion right is to spend the time and resources to establish a foundation of administrative services, operations and lead generation that can scale
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Homeward CEO Tim Heyl shares the keys to building the perfect team
Ahead of ICNY 2020, the Homeward CEO talks about hiring mistakes, creating actionable goals and creating win-win lead generation partnerships
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A group of millennials on their phones
Being 'new' is something that every agent contends with. Millennial agents have the additional challenge of fighting some unfair stereotypes
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