West bouncing back with numbers higher than before the bubble in 2007
by Britt Chester | Jun 13
About 92 percent of mortgaged properties regained equity in the third quarter, while the number of underwater homes is falling
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Interactive heat maps showing markets with most equity rich homeowners and most seriously underwater homeowners
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Daren Blomquist discusses findings from the firm's Q3 underwater homes report
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Low inventory is holding back the market
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Increase in HELOCs, lower lending standards are warning signs of another housing bubble
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Black Knight: Homeowners with negative equity more likely to default
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Many homeowners are still underwater, builders gearing up as foreclosure activity has slowed
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Nearly one-third of mortgaged homes in lower price tier worth less than what's owed
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Real Estate Connect panel will look at market for distressed properties today, 5 years out
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Zillow: Homeowners with 'effective' negative equity helped keep inventory low
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Complications arise when home is underwater
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Inflation, credit and cash-outs could undermine housing affordability
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