Made for the iPhone, Yaza automatically maps every place you record a video, making it an ideal technology for property tours and neighborhood marketing
by Craig C. Rowe | Apr 17
Increase a property's emotional appeal
by Peter Lorimer | Jul 12
New web-based video services marketplace lets agents order visual marketing assets quickly and easily
by Craig C. Rowe | Jun 30
Silent and capped at two minutes, clips must be shot with Zillow app
by Teke Wiggin | Nov 14
There's a huge untapped audience out there just waiting to watch your content
by Kathryn Royster | Jun 30
While 'About Me' videos play a role, they are not a homebuyer's top priority
by Stephen Schweickart | Apr 11
'Netsbuilder Agent' allows agents to build shareable videos from their and others' listings
by Paul Hagey | Mar 4