Industries are encouraging voter participation — where is real estate?
Offering employees time off to vote is a simple way many companies have been helping people exercise their rights without feeling pressed for time. But why has the real estate industry been absent from the conversation?
by Bess Freedman Nov 2
Multitudes of Americans considering leaving US after election
Redfin found that 16% of Americans would consider leaving the country if their preferred presidential candidate loses in November. That's up from just 9% four years ago
by Jim Dalrymple II Oct 26
Landlords threaten to raise tenants' rent if Biden wins in November
Landlords in New York, Colorado and Mississippi have evicted tenants or threatened to raise rents based on the 2020 election results
by Marian McPherson Oct 23
Could COVID-fueled mass migration impact the presidential election?
People moving from California to Nevada and Arizona is leading to a surge in registered Democrats in both states, according to a study released Tuesday by Redfin
by Patrick Kearns Oct 20
What is it like to be a poll worker during a pandemic?
There's a need for poll workers in many states. Here's why broker-owner Teresa Boardman volunteered, what it was like and why she'll do it again on Nov. 3 for the national election
by Teresa Boardman Oct 8
Zillow launches voter registration site Zillow Votes ahead of elections
Launched on National Voter Registration Day, Zillow Votes helps users register to vote, view voting deadlines and learn about presidential and congressional candidates
by Marian McPherson Sep 22
Contactually encourages employees, users to vote with email campaign